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December 5, 2012


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Weirdest Narutoverse Pairing

Wed Dec 5, 2012, 9:26 AM
:wave: Yup; you've guessed it right - I'm collecting ideas for moar crack drawings :XD:
But of course :lol:

However; if seriously - which Narutoverse pairing do you consider the weirdest of all?

:bulletpink: I remember seeing somewhere suggestions for Minato x Kisame - I still haven't quite gotten over it; but this simple yet effective combination helped me realize the infinite possibilities for such crazy matches :nod:

:bulletpink: The cracks I normally admire are actually; quite trite judging by age and gender of the chracters; it's mostly Orochimaru; Konan & Obito pairings (sometimes mixing the said characters :la:) but nothing too fancy (well; to my spoilt opinion :lol:).

For now the collection of personal kinks includes:

  • Orochimaru x Sakura - because it's purest craziness. Sick; unholy and oh my; Orochimaru needs a girl among all this yaoi :XD:
  • Obito x Konan. I cannot even begin naming the miracles behind this pair. Too many psychopathologies inside.
  • Madara x fem!Obito. Endless lulz. All the time.
  • Konan x Deidara. Makes me fluffy. Deidara needs a motherly figure.
  • Itachi x Anko - though I personally fail to see anything even remotely close to 'crack' here. Perfectly normal.
  • Danzō & Nonō - but it's 95% canon, though.
  • Kabuto x Anko - love!hate relationship too hard to believe; dark; intriguing and with a strong Orochi!scent to it :lol:
  • Raikage x Mei - however; this might as well be real.
  • My recent OTP - Orochimaru x Konan. Too mysterious. And so far I seem to be the only person even thinking about the possibilities :tears:

:star: You see - too few of the above! :no:

:#1:For I know for sure there're MOAR outta there! :eager:

:bulletpink: At first I wanted to make a poll; but decided eventually that a journal with comments could work so much better :lol:
Therefore you're absolutely welcome to name the pairing which shocked you the most by the mere idea of somebody having invented it! :#1: :eager:

Tell me why it shocks you.
Freaks you out :eyepopping:
Why it's the weirdest.
Why Shikamaru x Sasuke doesn't shock you as much :lol:

For those of you who're curious,
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:iconlachoirplz: As usual; the best suggestion(s) will result in a sketch!

So c'mon; power up the crack machine and tell me the scariest; most schocking; most incompatible; wicked; ridiculous; funniest crack narutoverse pairing you've ever seen/heard of/ship! :la:

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EscapeingRunaway Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student Writer
Kushina x Kurama
Danzo x Fu
Zetsu x Sakura
Mikoto x Sakura :heart:
Kisame x Konan :heart:
Shishu x Orochimaru
Sakura x Kurama x Fem!Danzo
Chiyo x Hashirama
Gai x Random fodder ninja 1674#
Male Sakura x Fem!Itachi x Fem!Kisame :heart:
RedMeg Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dear Lord, one of the reasons I stopped writing fanfiction was because I had way too many crazy ideas. To curb myself, I'll start off with the oddest pairings I've seen that I don't get -
-> DanzoSaku: honestly, it wasn't just that the one fic I saw for it was badly written, I just... do not see it happening. Which is odd, because otherwise Danzo is kind of my Launcher of A Thousand Ships for the Naruverse (I probably ship more pairings involving him than anyone else :D)
->Gaara/Fem!Haku: Er... 'Raccoon-eyed boy, I will teach you to be HAPPY about being a weapon! And then we'll have sex!" (I just don't know.)
-> Tayuya/Hinata: All I can say is 'poor, poor Hinata.'
:) Now, as for the shortened list of crack I do ship... I'll keep to three.
-> Shisui/Ino: I love them both to death, and they've both got such cheerful, flamboyant personalities (at least in my headcanon and my favorite fics including them). Plus, I love my little headcanon of Shisui being taught by Inochi and Ino having a crush on him, and making him jokingly promise to marry her when she grows up. From then on it'd have to be AU...
-> Danzo/Kushina: Not that I don't like MinaKushi, but their ship is just so prevalent I felt like finding something else, and this is the pairing that makes me itch to write about them every time I think of it. It's all tied up in headcanon, I guess - how Danzo was Mito's student, and she entrusted Kushina to him before she died, and it was the plan he'd marry Kushina when she was grown (I have a thing for that, don't I) and become the Hokage, because 'possession of the jinchuuriki is 9/10 of the law', as my sister and I say. So there were feelings between them as she got older, but then she met Minato, and there was LOTS more headcanon events... er... could go on for pages about this one. Must restrain self. And yet it has zip basis in canon...
-> Orochimaru/Nounou: This also kind of includes DanzNou, but that's... canon... right? (I mean come on, it's RIGHT THERE.) My weird headcanons this time around are that Orochimaru was fascinated by Nounou's healing abilities and intelligence but frustrated by her gentleness, so instead of making her his second-in-command he deliberately matchmade her and Danzo from behind the scenes, performing medical experiments covertly on Nounou to try to ensure that her child got the 'best' of both his parents, then after Kabuto's birth seduced her outright and convinced her that Root was bad for her child and she should go on the run, and helped her do so. So... it's almost a weird Orochimaru/Nounou/potential!Kabuto, I guess.... *sweatdrop* I have a weird mind.

This post is probably too long... but there are A LOT more ships I could've mentioned. Tried to give a little explanation/expansion for each instead, so I hope it's okay. :)
jesterry Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Holy crap!!! :faint:
NOW THAT'S SOME REAL CRACKS!!! :faint::iconcannotevenplz:
I think I nearly choked on my own saliva; while reading your comment.

And it's a delicious comment!! :drool:
Finally someone got the idea of the post as I intended it to be - not just randomly pair characters because your left leg wants so; but give the weird idea a damn EXPLANATION of WHY and HOW.

Holy cows flying in my room! :aww: That's beyong amazing; what you've written here! :happybounce: Let alone I rarely meet people who are interested in Danzou's character....

So this is just... :iconishipthemsohardplz:

You say; long comment...? Man; there're no LONG comments when it comes to shipping real mind-blowing awesometastic CRACKS.

Sooo... Do I have to say you've just stole my heart thrice? :faint:

Danzo/Kushina? HELL I WANT TO BELIEVE your every word!! :#1: All about jinchuuriki; Mito (finally they remembered dear Mito!! Heavens above!! SO MUCH FEELS!!!)

Shisui/Ino? :iconrainbowtearplz: BRING IT ON!!! There're so many yaoi Shisui pairings; and so few hetero; so few real delicious Uchiha hetero.... Dear Kami!! :faint:
To hell with their age differences; this whole scenario is amazing!!!


Srsly; Oro/Nonou???!??!

Let me praise you and shower you with rose petals and ASDGHSGKJHJLD;L;..... :love:
How can this be called other than 'perfect'? HOW?!

Especially since you mention the medical/experimental/angsty part of Oro (which I lovelovelove like hardly anyone else can love :faint:) - his frustrations; inner drama and cunning plans conserning the woman he loves...
I freakin' believe every hint you mention.

Thank you!!! :iconsupertighthugplz: For these three epic scenarios!!!!
RedMeg Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, I'm glad I made you so happy! :D
Oro/Nonou's especially interesting in that, when Danzo tracked Nounou down Orochi came along... that's one of the things that got me thinking about it. And how he immediately displays interest in Kabuto, especially after Kabuto calls Nounou 'mother'. :) Plus I think she started out in Root as his assistant before she discovered she had talent as a spy.
Danzo's my favorite male Naruto character! I don't find many people interested in him either, which is why I treasure every time I find a decent picture of him (I really liked the couple you did, especially Sounds of Freedom). And speaking of Mito, one of my Danzo/Kushina headcanons is that Danzo had a crush on Mito when he was a lot younger, so he saw Mito in Kushina a little... um, like I said, this pairing. Pages.
And het pairings with Uchihas are definitely pretty rare. Except Shisui/OC, which seems to be EVERYWHERE. (Sometimes I save a picture of him with a blond OC and pretend that it's Ino. *sigh* I'm pathetic.)
Again, I'm so pleased you liked my comment, I didn't even expect much of a reply! :D Thank you.
FoxyScorpion Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I may be late to the party, but I'm always up for a talk on crack pairings.

Personally, for a while Sakura and Orochimaru was a weird pairing that I was attracted to and thought wouldn't work until i came upon this fanfic (which is a long read for a one-shot, but damn is it one of the best I've ever read): [link]
Maybe, for those who find this pairing weird it will help shed some light with it's sexiness.

Other than, all my OTP's are crack pairings. My top two OTP's are YamaSaku and KabuSaku. I'm so forever alone.
jesterry Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
I love :heart: YamaSaku :nod:
I just hardly ever had time to mull about their chemistry let alone write it; but I seriously love all that blossom/tree interaction; him saving her at that whatwasitsname bridge; etc :aww:
So much tension :la:

AND! :#1: TY so much for the OroSaku link!!
I absolutely love; love; love when people link me to the fics they love! :heart:
Thank you!! *runs off reading*
FoxyScorpion Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
(Sorry for the late reply, I had Christmas break)

OH GOD SOMEBODY WHO FINALLY UNDERSTANDS. The Tenchi Bridge episodes had me falling in love with this pairing. There's so many deep feelings I have for this pairing. It hurts when your OTP is crack, it really does.

I'm glad you actually took the time to read my suggestion. What did you think, did you enjoy it? (I hope so, it's been a while since I've read it ;_;)
seigyoku-wolf Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
Gaara Yahiko Yugito threesome?
The-PorcelainDoll Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I once heard of Sasori and Kakuzu together. :XD: I personally like both characters but together? Oh god... :rofl:
Osaki-Suzuki Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
THe other crack pairing I love is Zabuza x Kakashi
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